“Lemeor team are responsive to my needs and more importantly, when I hear from them about an issue I hadn't considered. They have already designed a solution, it makes me feel like they are really taking care of me and my users.”


About the project

Rehearsal® Pro is an app for actors that makes acting routine organized but, at the same time, pushes your acting career forward. The app has more than 80,000 users already, and over 2 million rehearsals, thousands of script uploaded and tons of jobs landed. You actually have your entire acting career on your Smartphone.

This app is a standard for cast and crew in the entertainment industry. With a help of this app, you can organize your audition scripts in one place as well as work on set.

Rehearsal® Pro is easy in use, reliable and solid. It is intuitive, and that means the app can remind you of what you do with the scripts in the app. It is also usable with any iOS devices and includes just one-time payment and then unlimited access.

If you want to upload the physical scripts for audition from the app, everything you need to do is to burst and scan to PDF. You can also upload both short scripts and long scripts to this app. If you are a singer, use auditions for voiceover work in any place and any time, and email your MP3 auditions to anyone. Book your auditions and dream offers become easy with the app.

The app is suitable for amateurs and professionals, as well as for the production team.