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About the project

Ab Workout X is a daily workout routine app that includes more than 30 exercises to keep you fit and healthy. This app also helps you to achieve your perfect dream shape. Ab Workout X is your portable professional workout trainer which you can keep on your Smartphone anytime, in anyplace.

The workout exercises included in the app were created and demonstrated by a proven, professional trainer. This effective 5-10 minute daily routine both for men and women will help you to fasten the process of a fat burnout in the comfort of your own home. The exercises itself are targeted at all major abdominal muscles and, at the same time, will tone your abs and strengthen your core.

The app communicates with its users through a simple, interactive, and user-friendly interface. On the front page of the app there is a timer and video with the trainer, so you can catch up everything quickly and easily, don’t miss any exercise and enjoy your workout. There is also a calendar included in the app, so you can manage your weekly routine by yourself.
Forget about long workout routines; make your workout easy and enjoyable. Get you own portable gym with Ab Workout X app!