Why your business needs an app?


Today, our mobile devices are not only used for calling but represent a place where we use the Internet, communicate via chats, and, what important buy products or services. After the emergence of the iPhone and smartphone, businesses communicate with their customers not only via web, and it’s vital to implement a channel of communication on a mobile device. Companies went digital, and almost every company create its own app.

We would like to highlight why your business needs an app.


          Your company can always be ‘in a pocket’. Apps increase customer engagement


Literally. Your customers can check your companies up days 24/7, not only working hours on their computer and so on. Especially, if you are running an e-commerce shop, it’s a good idea to always stay tuned, and get access to shopping all day. We often use our smartphones when we are bored and go shopping when we are bored, so why not combine it.

The mobile application is a good way to reach your customer. And, in some cases app can change the way the company communicate with customers. For example, Uber has changed the way we call for a taxi. Actually, we don’t call a taxi anymore, as everything we need to do is to click on the app and your taxi is five minutes away from you. So, in some cases, an app can not only increase engagement but create a channel of communication itself.

We have developed an app for actors, whose life is full of rehearsals and castings. Now they carry all the information, like spreadsheets or rehearsal place info in an app Rehearsal Pro that makes acting routine organized. Another example is the Ab Workout X app – a daily workout routine app that includes more than 30 exercises to keep you fit and healthy. You can do exercises everywhere you want with a help of an app.


Apps with Augmented reality


The AR (augmented reality) – is a new word in the technology industry. We’ve heard about it a long time ago, but only now at last can ‘hold it in our arms’. Almost everyone knows Pokemon Go or Snapchat. When these apps appeared AR became something common that we use in our everyday life, and actually, it was the first time AR became a trend and had the ‘explosion effect’. Remember the time, YouTube and Facebook, Instagram appeared? Who knew that our marketing activities ‘will move’ to social media, and Instagram will decide your brand’s future.

But AR not only entertains us or increase sales but can change the way we interact with our customer as well as bring real value.

Since this feature was invented various retailers and fashion brands started to use AR as a part not only of their marketing strategy but communication with their customers as well. For example, such giants in the retail like Ikea and Anthropologie have also released updated versions of their apps which allow their customers to see exactly how their products will look in their interior.

Other famous fashion and beauty brands like Gap and Rimmel also launched the innovative apps with AR. So, their customers may ‘dress up’’ and ‘try on’ makeup not even without leaving their homes but without leaving their phones.

In the case of AR, you can play a role of a ‘fitting room’, where customers can try on your services from the comfort of their home.

This is not the full list of benefits of the app for business, and if you want to know more check Problemio.com and choose a course of mobile development. You can get one discounted course here.

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