Why business should be digital? What Technologies Help Your Digital Transformation Strategy to Shine?

Why business should be digital?

Going digital today is the necessity for every company in any domain. Unless you are running a small kiosk of vegetables. Well-known term ‘digital transformation’ should be included in the strategy of your company, as today, our businesses have both physical and digital presence in the market.

But what is a digital transformation? Going digital for a company doesn’t – it’s not only creating the social media account or having a company’s website. High level of competition  in the ‘digital space’ of the markets is too high, as most of the companies already have their websites and social media presence. Digital transformation today means the implementation of top-notch technology tools that drastically increase customer’s experience and realize business goals.

What technologies can boost your digital transformation can efforts?

The new trends in digital transformation include such innovations as AI, machine learning, IoT, robotics, 3D printing, clod, data science, and so on. In addition to these technological advances, your company should also implement a digital marketing strategy.


Data science, AI, and Machine learning  

Due to various factors like globalization of business activities and digital access to an audience, the companies gain access to a huge amount of data and need to process this amount of data. Following this, companies need to know how to use this data properly and process it. Such tools as AI and machine learning help to gather, for example, customers’ data, and bring necessary recommendations, personalizing customer’s experience. For example, in e-commerce, such an approach helps to increase conversion rates, customer’s engagement, and sales.

Data science boost Intelligent Business decisions, and analytic technologies help in storing data, automatically analyze, and generating insights.


Internet of Things

This is a recent trend in a digital transformation, and many companies still don’t know why they might need to implement IoT to solve their business solutions. IoT is more used in such industries as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistics, enabling large enterprises to automate processes. IoT can be used in healthcare, where thanks to various devices doctors can control a healing process of the patient.


Digital Marketing

Marketing has faced significant changes since technologies and innovations became a big part of any business operations. Social media presence and the trendy-designed website is not enough for an effective digital marketing strategy. If you are running a shop, digital marketing strategy includes an online shop with intuitive design and features that help to increase customer’s engagement. But, in order to reach your audience, you need to go digital. For example, your potential customer has visited your shop but didn’t buy anything. Then, your marketing should start working. This customer can immediately see ads of your online shop on his/her social media.

The digital marketing strategy also includes content marketing, as the best way to reach out to your audience is to bring them information. Search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and email marketing are the main digital marketing approaches, but if you want to stand out, technological advances can help you the best.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The most common technology trends in digital marketing are machine learning, AI, AU and VR, however, it depends on the company’s goals. AI and ML can help to personalize customers’ experience. AR and VR is the best tool to concur the digital era. As we buy online, why don’t we try online? Customers can apply beauty products or clothing, check the apartment they are willing to buy, or travel to the destination they want from their mobile devices.


Going digital is something companies can’t avoid if they want to survive. As our audience is online, we should put our business on the digital map as well.

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