Web design trends 2018-2019 you probably haven’t heard about

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What can we expect from the 2018-2019 decade in terms of web design? Our answer is the opportunity to take a risk and express creativity. Such innovations like AI-powered technologies are now much easier to integrate into the website. The animation has taken to another level, and, colors became brighter and more diverse.

We have picked some most outstanding web design trends for 2018-2019.


Storytelling through illustrations and animation


This trend combines two most significant trends in the recent years, including storytelling and animation. Storytelling is a significant part of any brand, as your audience needs to know where your business came from. Thanks to storytelling, you can be honest with your customers, and prove that you are offering them a value, instead of just selling the products. The animation in storytelling became something common, and today became a real trend.  Illustrations and animation is a good way to visualize certain aspects of your brand in a more fruitful way.


Via and.co

Implementation of AI and chatbots


These technologies help companies to communicate with their customers in a ‘fresh manner’, as well as save time and resources. In recent year, it became easier to integrate AI-powered technologies like chatbots using open APIs. Chatbots increase user interactions and create unique customer support experience.


Via instabot


Animated or interactive user interfaces


This trend is similar to previous ones, and also adds some creativity and innovation to the user experience. Interactive UI can be a good approach if you want to explain how to register or use the product, or what vacancies your company has.


Via chekhov.withgoogle.com




This trend has been in the spotlight for many years and still remains trendy. Especially, when it comes to e-commerce websites, minimalism is an important tool to pay attention to the products. Minimalistic design helps to focus on the content rather on the visuals. By creating an effective minimalistic design, it is vital to have a strong use of typography, contrast, and good foundation defined by a grid.


Via net-a-porter.com


Particle and video backgrounds


This trend has also become frequently used in recent years, and still remains trendy.  Video background is a good choice for a travel website, and particle background is a kind of animated video solution. Thanks to a lightweight javascript, particle background flow into the website’s design without taking too long to load.


Via bluhomes.com




Gradient colors have been trendy for a long time, and this year gradient was pushed to another level. Now we see even iPhone X using gradient colors in its background. Gradients undoubtedly add some creativity, mystery and ‘arty’ look to the design of the website.


Via impossible-bureau.com

Broken grids and layouts


This trend was introduced in 2017 and still will be going strong in 2018. Asymmetry is a ‘new black’ in the word of art, fashion, and design. Broken, asymmetric grids and layouts is a great option to express creativity and the ability to take a risk in any decisions.


Via marchenotredame.com

More creativity in e-shops photos


When it comes to e-commerce websites, we used to see a minimalistic representation of the product, usually on a white background. In recent years, internet shopping has gone too far, and old approaches may seem too boring for a new generation of the internet shoppers. Now, we can add photos from Instagram to the e-shop, or create ‘staged photos’ adding various details. This approach helps to sell a ‘story’ not the product. Here is the example of our work made for the UK company that offers premium, organic sauces, and cooking pastes.


Via lemeor.com

Wrapping Up


We can represent the web design trends in 2018 by three words – creativity, asymmetry, and animation. The art level of the modern websites has boosted to another level, and it doesn’t matter what brand you represent, small e-shop or large-scale media platform. Uniqueness and innovation will help your brand stand out from your ‘neighbors’ in the market.


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