Outsourcing vs in-house for web and mobile app development


Outsourcing vs in-house

When company plans to create its own web or mobile application it usually faces two options:

  • Build their own in-house team
  • Hire an external software development firm i.e. outsourcing partner

Both options have their own pros and cons, let’s take a closer look at them.

In-house team

On the onset it seems to be the best decision since you have all resources under one roof. However hiring an in-house team has its own pitfalls.

Advantages of utilizing in-house development team
  • You can always be in touch with the progress and have complete control over the project
  • You can update and customize the product whenever you want to
  • Full transparency of the process
  • No cultural boundaries
  • Lower risk of confidentiality breaches as in-house teams only work for you
Disadvantages of utilizing in-house development team
  • It is costly to hire full-stack team and invest in equipment and software
  • If one or a few of your team members fall ill you start missing deadlines
  • The development world is a very fast-changing environment and you always need to make sure whole team knowledge is up-to-date
  • If you need to put more manpower on the project you cannot do it immediately
  • Finding qualified teammates can be tough, especially in smaller cities
  • Your top talents can be headhunted by Big-Name companies and it might be hard to find replacement

Outsourcing partner

Cooperation with an outsourcing company to develop your web or mobile application is always a good option if you want qualified work to be done whilst saving time and money. However, take a look at pros and cons of outsourcing before taking the final decision.

Advantages of hiring an outsourcing company
  • You can find outsourcing company that perfectly matches your needs in terms of skills and costs. You can also hire top development company (if your budget allows you that).
  • Reliable outsourcing partner will handle your product from idea to launch
  • Low cost of operation and labour and reduction in overhead costs
  • You will get team of industry experts that will provide you most innovative solutions for your product
  • You don’t have to worry about what key professionals should be attracted to successfully build web or mobile app. Your tech partner will do this for you
  • You can scale development team very fast whenever you need it
  • You don’t need to invest in technology, infrastructure and recruiting. Once you found reliable outsourcing partner you can start work immediately which will help you to build your web or mobile app in shortest terms
  • You can focus on your main business needs while work over your web or mobile app will be done in background
Disadvantages of hiring an outsourcing company
  • You and your outsourcing partner might locate in different time zones which might cause communication delays
  • Risk of exposing confidential data
  • Lack of customer focus, since in case outsourcing partner works over multiple projects you may not receive 100% of their time


Presently, there are companies which are utilizing both in-house and outsourcing resources to build web and mobile apps. However, in case software is not the business core, most companies prefer outsourcing. Outsourcing will help you not to be distracted from your business and focus on main goals, whilst software development is done by professionals.


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