Mobile Application Development Trends To Data in 2019

Digital Transformation

Technology became a significant partner for healthcare companies and organizations, where mobile applications just started to help patients get a proper healthcare. Healthcare app development is a future of healthcare, as it brings the opportunity to get a ‘portable and mobile’ healthcare services.

We would like to sign some fresh trends in healthcare mobile development, and how they are already impacting healthcare services.


Data Science in Healthcare

Patient-Generated Health Data is one of the biggest trends in mobile app development. Data collection of the patient like patients’ history, health conditions or recovery process – data is one of the most important features in the mobile apps. This helps to provide customer with a personalized solutions and improved customer service.

For example, thanks to a small, portable device, a patient cannot miss any treatment or exercises needed for recovery, as app can remind patient about time to take pills, etc.


Data Security

Following data science, data protection is must in mobile app development especially in healthcare domain. Mobile users don’t care a lot about mobile data protection, most of us even don’t install any antiviruses. However, in recent time mobile app security causes more concerns. In case of healthcare, we can’t avoid strong data protection, as no patient want to lose personal data or have wrong data as it may cause dangerous consequences.


Artificial Intelligence

AI is not only effectively used in healthcare. This is the major trend in the technology industry in various domains. To make data used properly, AI is the best solution in the mobile app development. AI can collect and process data quicker, and more properly. It is important for healthcare industry as hospitals process big amount of patients’ data. AI brings more improved services and personalization in use.


Advanced features like geolocation, mobile payments, etc.

This is another benefit of mobile apps in healthcare. Fast and convenient payment (what can be more convenient than mobile payment?), make lives of patients and healthcare establishments easier and healthcare more improved. Patients are able to pay medical bills, and this increases to get healthcare services quicker.


Geolocation is a mobile development feature that brings various benefits for healthcare domain. For example, patients can find easily necessary medical treatment, hospitals, or even doctors depending on app you use. In case of emergency, it is possible to find patient by geolocation, so this can be very helpful. AI and machine learning can help to offer proper information in Internet by geolocation, like close hospitals, etc.


Wearable technologies

Our mobiles are wearable technologies, but how they can benefit healthcare? For example, wearable devices can help you to track your recovery, or, in case of fitness aps, count your daily exercise results, etc. Wearable devices also help doctors to get more information about patient.



The main benefit of mobile apps in healthcare is the ease in communication. We can not only chat with our doctors or patients via chats, but easily receive information. In some cases, especially emergency cases, patients or doctors can easily reach out each other or find necessary information through chats. Other features like chatbots that improve customer service, improved booking system, as through mobile we can easily book doctor visits, and quicker response in case of emergency.


Mobile application development trends surrounded by data, AI, and wearables. These features in mobile app development improved healthcare services and, what important, help in emergency cases. Modern healthcare companies or hospitals already use these features in healthcare services, improving patients’ treatment.

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