Digital Transformation: What Your Business Should Change Now?

Digital transform

Digital transformation is one of the biggest components of a modern business strategy. Even if you are running a small shop in the village, you still may need your own website or at least the ability to pay by card – yes, it is also a digital transformation for some point. In the digital era, companies need to adapt to the changes technology brought us. A digital transformation strategy is a necessary tool to succeed in the era of technological advances.

Digital transformation is not only about creating a website for your company but changing a mindset and corporate culture that reflects changes in the world. We are going digital and going global, so how we can adapt to these changes through technology?


A digital transformation consists of the following:


New digital channels of communication

The main reason why you need to adapt to the digital revolution is the way customers purchase products. For example, online shopping is a trend that going to grow more in the future. It means that businesses should communicate through more innovative channels. The good example is chatbot solutions that became popular especially among e-commerce companies. Companies need to conduct a digital transformation to reach a wider audience and reach their potential customers anytime via digital sources.



In this case, the most common innovation solution are Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, internet of Things. These tools seemed something unreal just five years ago, while now implementation of them can be inevitable for some companies. As we are going digital, many things like reaching out customers became easier on one hand, but more competition on the other hand. Also, data flow is constantly increasing, and the solution is in AI related tools like predictable analytics, and so on.


Transforming business operations from physical to digital

In this case, your business is reshaping its businesses operations and the way you deliver value to your customers. For example, many retail shops are shutting down and moving to online shops, as more profitable and effective.


Transformation of digital infrastructure

The companies adopt various digital transformation solutions that impact their infrastructures, like cloud-based tools to operate the software, implement new applications, and other digital tools and the way to communicate internally.


Data-driven solutions

Data is a big issue for every business. The way you gather, store, maintain and use data is a part of a digital transformation strategy.


Internal management

The way we work and manage our employees has drastically changed in recent years. Technology helped us going global and spread borders. Remote work is something common for most of the companies today. Digital transformation in this area is a cloud-based solution where each employee can handle almost al work in smartphone, and communication, where employees can reach out to each other from any part of the world.


Why your company should implement a digital transformation strategy?


According to technology media company IDG, 89% of companies plan to adopt a digital-first strategy, but only 44% of them have actually done it. If your business is among the 56% stuck on the planning (or pre-planning) phase, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Today, digital transformation strategy is the necessity to even not stand out but fit into the market. If you want to reach out to a wider audience, increase and improve customers’ engagement, and fasten the operations of your business, start thinking of refreshing your digital transformation strategy.

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