Why business should be digital? What Technologies Help Your Digital Transformation Strategy to Shine?

Why business should be digital?

Going digital today is the necessity for every company in any domain. Unless you are running a small kiosk of vegetables. Well-known term ‘digital transformation’ should be included in the strategy of your company, as today, our businesses have both physical and digital presence in the market.

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IT in Healthcare: What medical Software Healthcare is Already Used?

Medical software

In our digital era, every industry, any domain uses technological advances to improve their services, customers’ experience, and push its industry forward. In healthcare, we can witness significant changes, as more hospitals use technology not only in relation to customer service but also using ...

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How technology innovations can improve customers’ experience in healthcare industry?

Healthcare innovations

The future of healthcare is digital! Technological advancements push healthcare forwards bringing various opportunities in customer service as well. Thanks to technology, patients can avoid queues, secure their data, and have surgery conducted by robots. It is not possible to include the whole list ...

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Top Digital Transformation Trends In Healthcare For 2019

Trends In Healthcare

Digital transformation has taken on businesses in every domain. Healthcare is also part of this ‘movement’, and if yesterday you should wait long queries and go to a hospital to set up an appointment, today, you can do it online in few clicks. Modern technological advances not only bring you the ...

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Digital Transformation: What Your Business Should Change Now?

Digital transform

Digital transformation is one of the biggest components of a modern business strategy. Even if you are running a small shop in the village, you still may need your own website or at least the ability to pay by card – yes, it is also a digital transformation for some point. In the digital era, ...

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A Guide for Startups: From Idea to Launch with A Mentor or Consultant


If you are on the way of launching your startup, you’d better get some structure and follow this guide. From the moment when your idea has appeared, and until the launch, it is vital to creating the guide for your startup that includes all necessary steps.

So, you have an idea…

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Why your business needs an app?


Today, our mobile devices are not only used for calling but represent a place where we use the Internet, communicate via chats, and, what important buy products or services. After the emergence of the iPhone and smartphone, businesses communicate with their customers not only via web, and ...

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Web design trends 2018-2019 you probably haven’t heard about

  • time 13/9/2018
  • time News
  • time 5 min. to read

What can we expect from the 2018-2019 decade in terms of web design? Our answer is the opportunity to take a risk and express creativity. Such innovations like AI-powered technologies are now much easier to integrate into the website. The animation has taken to another level, and, colors became ...

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Advantages of IT outsourcing

In our time, a huge number of companies have resorted to the services of third-party service providers. Nowaday this process is called outsourcing. For some projects, outsourcing suits as well as possible.

Outsourcing advantages are revealed during the initial studies of the project. It’s ...

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Outsourcing vs in-house for web and mobile app development

Outsourcing vs in-house
When company plans to create its own web or mobile application it usually faces two options:

Build their own in-house team
Hire an external software development firm i.e. outsourcing partner

Both options have their own pros and cons, let's take a closer look at ...

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