A Guide for Startups: From Idea to Launch with A Mentor or Consultant


If you are on the way of launching your startup, you’d better get some structure and follow this guide. From the moment when your idea has appeared, and until the launch, it is vital to creating the guide for your startup that includes all necessary steps.


So, you have an idea…


So, you have an idea, what should you do next? Before starting your project, you must get a reasonable feedback from the experienced specialists and make a market research. The first you need to do are:

–    Do a Market Research

–    Create a Business Plan

–    Get the Feedback of your Demo or MVP

On the first stage of your project development, you need to collect as much information as possible. Market research is essential and will help you to know your competitors, as well as what, trends your chosen industry has. This will help you to create a proper business plan, which you need to show to the market specialists for a feedback.

If you hire a software development partner or agency, you will get a deep technical analysis of your product. And, if you hire an experienced specialist, you will also get relevant knowledge regarding similar projects that he/she had before. In few words, you will get the feedback on how your project visible and real is. A software development partner also will highlight a scope and major goals for your project.


Now, you need to brand your idea


Branding is not just about advertising and marketing, but the generation of your product’s idea. By setting effective branding, you create a positive attitude towards your product. In order to establish your brand, you need to create a relevant UX/UI design for your product that consequently will be used in your MVP.

Your mentor will provide you with the estimate, detailed specification, and information regarding possible risks. On this stage, you will need to know trends in design, user expectations, and target requirements, so a fresh and professional view of the expert is needed.


Time to prototype your idea


Before launching your product, you need to collect as much feedback as possible in order to predict your customers’ behaviour on the market. To do this, you need to create a demo or prototype of the product. In the world of startups, we call it the MVP (minimum viable product).

MVP can show you the possible lifecycle of the product, you will know what bugs you have, and what is needed to be fixed.

A software development partner can help you in the creation of your MVP, give examples of other successful products, and choose relevant methods and tools for implementing it on the market.


Get ready to launch your idea


After these steps, you can do your best to launch the product. In this stage, it is essential to get a feedback straight away after the launch. As long as you wait, and do not collect necessary data, as more risks of a failure you have. You need a specialist that will possess a needed data collection tools and knowledge. Then, track the feedback, and support your project and future endeavours.


To conclude


Having a mentor on the early stages while launching your startup is an opportunity to avoid many mistakes. The right guideless is a key to success, as you will save time and funds.

If you have an idea, ready to launch your business, contact Lemeor!

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